Adobe Stock Extended License Smackdown

Would your business or organization benefit from using the images that can be downloaded from the Internet? Downloadable images have many different possible uses that can propel the user to another level. Most images come with a royalty-free license that limits that allows for unlimited uses, but has limitations on the types of uses that are allowed. Extended licenses allow a greater breadth of uses for the image. If you think your organization would benefit from an extended license on their images, keep reading to learn more about it.

The difference between royalty-free and extended license

Having a royalty-free license allows you to have unlimited use of an image without having to pay royalties on it to the photographer or the stock photo agency. The license is always tied to your account and has no expiration date. You can use the images on multiple projects if you wish. Royalty-free licenses are generally non-transferrable to other people.

An extended license expands the use of the royalty-free license to include the use of derivative products. Derivative products include items such as t-shirts, mugs, and cards. Extended licenses allow you to use the image on multiple items of a single medium and sell them for a profit.

When to use an extended license

You can get more for your money if you choose an extended license for a stock image you need for low-volume use. In most cases, low-volume is defined as 500,000 or fewer impressions. Unless you are in the business of mass producing products with stock images, your needs likely fall into this category.

How to turn your Adobe Stock Images into a high-performing machine

One of the easiest and most popular ways to use an extended license to your advantage is through the creation of promotional items. If you have the need to create t-shirts or mugs to hand out to the employees at your small business, having an extended license is essential. You can choose the perfect image from millions of choices and also decide on the other specifics of the image, such as font type. Your choices are virtually endless. Going with an extended license so everyone in an organization gets the same product can go a long way in fostering a sense of belonging and building a team environment at your company.

Other uses

Finding uses for an extended license on an image is fairly easy when you work for a business that employs a large number of people. But, other organizations can benefit from them as well. Local charities that are organizing a fundraiser can use them to create the promotional materials and give-away items for their event.  Extended licenses are also a great option for schools that want to create school spirit items for their student body. Extended licenses are also a great idea for companies that need to package their products. Literally any situation that would benefit from the use of a symbol of togetherness and unity would benefit from using images with an extended license.

Sharing files

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Another benefit of images with extended licenses is that they can be used by multiple users, unlike images with royalty-free licenses. This option is ideal for companies that have multiple people working on a project. If there are multiple people who need to look at a file and download it, it is essential that you have an extended license.

Why Adobe Stock Images?

You have several choices when it comes to downloading images from the Internet so it can be difficult to determine the best service to choose. Here are some great reasons to consider going with Adobe Stock.

A trusted name

Adobe has been a trusted name for decades. Whether it has been because of Acrobat, its PDF creation and viewing software, or its more creative ventures such as Illustrator, Photoshop, or Dreamweaver, Adobe has consistently been at the forefront of the industry. It is a name that is immediately recognized and trusted. They bring their reputation and quality to Adobe Stock as well. You can sign up Adobe stock for free.

Adobe has purchased Fotolia

For those who do not know, Adobe purchased Fotolia, the New York-based microphoto agency. Any photographers who wish to work with Adobe are directed to the Fotolia website to sign up. Therefore, their image libraries are identical. It should give users peace of mind knowing that the two entities have combined to offer the best stock images to their customers.

Give your business, organization, or school the boost it needs. Choosing an Adobe Stock extended licence for the images you need can help you stand out from the others. Not only can you save money, but Adobe Stock images can also help you create and promote an identity of which you can be proud. It will be a true Adobe Sock extended license smackdown!