Flat Icon Pack: Is it a New Trend?

In the past, designers show off their skills with flashy illustrations and animations. However, the dawn of skeuomorphic design has brought life to faux-realistic figures, real object characteristics, and drop-shadows. This gave way to flat design, which is more simplified and classically digital. Although it has been around for many years now, it is still popular and relevant.

Are looking for flat icon pick to wow your visitors? Many stock icon sites offer various flat icons in their collection. You only need to find a reliable source that suits your creative needs and budget. Before that, let us learn more about flat icon pack:

A flat icon pack is a minimalist icon pack that emphasizes usability. It features clean, bright-colored illustrations with open space and crisp edges.”

One of the first companies to use this design is Microsoft. Apple also did it with its iOS interface. Instead of converting a real life object into a tiny realistic illustration, they identified applications with simple icons.

Flat icon pack does not have ornamental elements in them. That’s why it is perfect for your creative projects. You can get rid of unnecessary clutter, which serves no purpose and only distract the user experience. But just because it lacks any flashy design, it doesn’t mean that this style is boring. Bright, contrasting colors make the illustrations pop up from the background and easily grab attention.

Flat icon pack conveys images more quickly. Its icons indicate universal actions so that everyone can easily understand them. The solid, vivid colors give emphasis to the information you are trying to share. In a word, this icon pack creates a cohesive visual and functional web design.

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