How to Get 10 Adobe Stock Photos for Free

Although fairly new to the industry, Adobe Stock has wowed creatives around the world with their premium collection and simple pricing. They already have one of the largest stock image libraries upon acquisition of Fotolia. The website is available in most countries and can be translated into 20 languages. Their integration with any Creative Cloud software makes the stock site standout from the rest.

What are the stock photo website’s offerings?

  • Wildest varieties of stock files. Adobe Stock acquired Fotolia in 2014, giving customers access to over 40 million assets. The content offered includes images, illustrations and vector graphics from contributors around the world. Now, videos are also available in HD and 4K formats.
  • The best pricing with subscription plans. Monthly and annual commitments are offered in the stock site. You can choose whichever suits your creative needs and budget. All plans allow you to download additional images for a much lower rate.
  • Credit packs for videos and premium content. For content that you can’t get with a plan, you can buy them with credits. Priced for flexibility, credits allow you to download any content and get the best deals for videos and premium content.
  • Subscription plans made for business. Whether you are running a team or an enterprise, Adobe Stock is designed for small to large organizations. Artist contributors are adding new assets daily, giving you access to a large pool of unique and diverse content perfect for your business.
  • Integration with Creative Cloud. Adobe Stock is the only stock photo agency integrated to CC desktop applications. You can find the perfect asset right inside PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign and other CC software, preview watermarked images, license, access, and manage them directly.

These are not the only things that the stock photo site offers. We love freebies, and we know you do too! The agency is giving away 10 Adobe Stock photos for free when you subscribe to the $29.99/month annual plan. Yes, it’s a FREE one month trial. You can cancel anytime within the first month risk-free! This is the perfect way to test the stock site and find out if it suits your creative needs.

What comes with the Adobe Stock free trial?

  • 10 standard assets per month
  • Additional images at $2.99 each
  • Rollover of up to 120 images upon renewal
  • Royalty free license
  • Cancel-risk free within the first month

If you have typical creative needs, this is the best subscription plan for you. It is priced for value, making it a popular option for creatives. It is great for standard downloads of images, templates and 3D.

Adobe Stock is of the best stock agencies to get premium images at great prices. Their offerings are perfect for professionals with varying needs and budgets. Try it now and enjoy amazing images at straightforward prices. Plus, you can save more with the free one month trial.

If you wish to enjoy more free images, the free one month trial is also available with the 40 standard assets per month plan, which is priced at $79.99/month.

Flat Icon Pack: Is it a New Trend?

In the past, designers show off their skills with flashy illustrations and animations. However, the dawn of skeuomorphic design has brought life to faux-realistic figures, real object characteristics, and drop-shadows. This gave way to flat design, which is more simplified and classically digital. Although it has been around for many years now, it is still popular and relevant.

Are looking for flat icon pick to wow your visitors? Many stock icon sites offer various flat icons in their collection. You only need to find a reliable source that suits your creative needs and budget. Before that, let us learn more about flat icon pack:

A flat icon pack is a minimalist icon pack that emphasizes usability. It features clean, bright-colored illustrations with open space and crisp edges.”

One of the first companies to use this design is Microsoft. Apple also did it with its iOS interface. Instead of converting a real life object into a tiny realistic illustration, they identified applications with simple icons.

Flat icon pack does not have ornamental elements in them. That’s why it is perfect for your creative projects. You can get rid of unnecessary clutter, which serves no purpose and only distract the user experience. But just because it lacks any flashy design, it doesn’t mean that this style is boring. Bright, contrasting colors make the illustrations pop up from the background and easily grab attention.

Flat icon pack conveys images more quickly. Its icons indicate universal actions so that everyone can easily understand them. The solid, vivid colors give emphasis to the information you are trying to share. In a word, this icon pack creates a cohesive visual and functional web design.

Do you want to explore flat design in your work? Download your flat icon pack from IconTail. IconTail’s minimalistic and user-centric icons ensure a unified experience that your users will surely appreciate.

Adobe Stock Extended License Smackdown

Would your business or organization benefit from using the images that can be downloaded from the Internet? Downloadable images have many different possible uses that can propel the user to another level. Most images come with a royalty-free license that limits that allows for unlimited uses, but has limitations on the types of uses that are allowed. Extended licenses allow a greater breadth of uses for the image. If you think your organization would benefit from an extended license on their images, keep reading to learn more about it.

The difference between royalty-free and extended license

Having a royalty-free license allows you to have unlimited use of an image without having to pay royalties on it to the photographer or the stock photo agency. The license is always tied to your account and has no expiration date. You can use the images on multiple projects if you wish. Royalty-free licenses are generally non-transferrable to other people.

An extended license expands the use of the royalty-free license to include the use of derivative products. Derivative products include items such as t-shirts, mugs, and cards. Extended licenses allow you to use the image on multiple items of a single medium and sell them for a profit.

When to use an extended license

You can get more for your money if you choose an extended license for a stock image you need for low-volume use. In most cases, low-volume is defined as 500,000 or fewer impressions. Unless you are in the business of mass producing products with stock images, your needs likely fall into this category.

How to turn your Adobe Stock Images into a high-performing machine

One of the easiest and most popular ways to use an extended license to your advantage is through the creation of promotional items. If you have the need to create t-shirts or mugs to hand out to the employees at your small business, having an extended license is essential. You can choose the perfect image from millions of choices and also decide on the other specifics of the image, such as font type. Your choices are virtually endless. Going with an extended license so everyone in an organization gets the same product can go a long way in fostering a sense of belonging and building a team environment at your company.

Other uses

Finding uses for an extended license on an image is fairly easy when you work for a business that employs a large number of people. But, other organizations can benefit from them as well. Local charities that are organizing a fundraiser can use them to create the promotional materials and give-away items for their event.  Extended licenses are also a great option for schools that want to create school spirit items for their student body. Extended licenses are also a great idea for companies that need to package their products. Literally any situation that would benefit from the use of a symbol of togetherness and unity would benefit from using images with an extended license.

Sharing files

adobe stock artists

Another benefit of images with extended licenses is that they can be used by multiple users, unlike images with royalty-free licenses. This option is ideal for companies that have multiple people working on a project. If there are multiple people who need to look at a file and download it, it is essential that you have an extended license.

Why Adobe Stock Images?

You have several choices when it comes to downloading images from the Internet so it can be difficult to determine the best service to choose. Here are some great reasons to consider going with Adobe Stock.

A trusted name

Adobe has been a trusted name for decades. Whether it has been because of Acrobat, its PDF creation and viewing software, or its more creative ventures such as Illustrator, Photoshop, or Dreamweaver, Adobe has consistently been at the forefront of the industry. It is a name that is immediately recognized and trusted. They bring their reputation and quality to Adobe Stock as well. You can sign up Adobe stock for free.

Adobe has purchased Fotolia

For those who do not know, Adobe purchased Fotolia, the New York-based microphoto agency. Any photographers who wish to work with Adobe are directed to the Fotolia website to sign up. Therefore, their image libraries are identical. It should give users peace of mind knowing that the two entities have combined to offer the best stock images to their customers.

Give your business, organization, or school the boost it needs. Choosing an Adobe Stock extended licence for the images you need can help you stand out from the others. Not only can you save money, but Adobe Stock images can also help you create and promote an identity of which you can be proud. It will be a true Adobe Sock extended license smackdown!

Things to Consider When Buying Cheap Stock Photos for your Blog

Finding high quality, royalty-free stock photos is a constant struggle for bloggers. They can spend all night trying to find the perfect free photos that complement their message. Thankfully, you can cut down the time and increase the professionality of your blog through cheap stock photo sites. While they may not be free, they are priced reasonably – and they are generally worth it.

As long as you are willing to invest bit cash, you can scour millions of relevant, high quality images. You can find them all in stock photo sites. Here are some things you can consider to guide you when buying cheap stock images for your blog.

  • Stock images from traditional stock photo services like Corbis or Getty Images can be a little out of your budget. After all, they are the best of the best in professional photography. But when it is for web publishing, it is usually microstock agencies that are a better choice. They sell cheap stock images, which cater to the lower budget web market.
  • Pricing structure is also an important factor when buying stock photos cheap. Generally, there are two ways to buy stock photos: pay as you go and subscription.

The Pay as You Go model allows you to purchase cheap stock photography with credits, a website’s currency. This model is a better option for bloggers since they do not need a constant demand of images. Typically, these credits are valid for one year. They are usually a lot cheaper when you buy them in bulk. However, you need to be careful not to buy more than you need in a year.

The Subscription model allows you to download images per day for a fixed monthly or annual fee. This is a better option if you run a high frequency blog or multiple websites. Prices are determined on how many download image you can get in a month or year. Although individual image price is cheaper, you need to do heavy publishing in order to get value for your money. You can pay less if you purchase a 6-month or 1-year subscription.

  • Typically, there are two licensing options, and you need to be aware of their specific restrictions. The Standard license is all you need if you will the cheap stock images for your blog and websites. However if you intend to use them in merchandising and commercial purposes, you need to purchase an Extended license – of course, at an additional cost.

These three things are the most important factors you need to consider when buying cheap photos for your blog. Keep them in mind in order to get the most value from your money.